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Minimizing the number of unsold designs requires an “effective algorythm” which leads to a “risk-free collection”.


The preferences of consumers can easily be categorized under 4 groups. Each of these quadrants can be associated with similar colour coordinates, silhouettes, forms and colour combinations in fashion as well as in decoration/interiors.


85% of consumers indicate colour as the primary reason for why they buy a particular item. If studied deeper, it’s the colour tone, colour combination and contrast degree that makes an item sellable.


My experiences (over 3000 one-to-one consultations) as a Personal Colour Consultant has proven that  people in the same preference group, are appealed by similar clothing style and surprisingly their body shapes bear a resemblance as well.


This has led me to observing and reading more about this correlation and enquiring my clients’ confirmations. After an approximate number of around 900 confirmations, I started to examine the return stocks of apparel manufacturers.


The returned/unsold designs, with a 95% accuracy, have proven the fact that manufacturer has not obeyed the rules of the “magical formula”.


Making production plans and decisions by colours is such an exciting, logical and accurate system that pays back.  The similar tastes, intuitive choices, similar bust cups, angles of shoulders, waist lines & indents (and actually many many more features) of the same colour group will surely be adding a more infallible perspective to your new collection.


The system aims;

- to translate trending colours and themes to fit precisely to your seasonal moodboard and still be human-centric

- to ensure your brand DNA honours the uniqueness of your consumers

- each and every piece of your collection to be desirable and sold at seasonal prices within the season instead of sale/outlet prices during off season.

- your collection items to draw the attention of the consumer by using appealing colours and colour combinations as a first step

- to let the consumers grab the hanger to the dressing room without any sabotaging details

- to close the sales ensuring that certain body type’s details are applied to that piece to guarantee comfort

- to let the item be worn many times with pleasure to build /strengthen the brand loyalty

- to ease the visual merhandising and artistic process management with the magical, yet logical touch of fine-tuning the collection.

- to minimize your costs of fabric, material, design, labour, storage, transportation caused by unsold designs

- to optimize your online strategy for cross sales, mailings etc by targeting the diverse buying motives of the preference groups  

- to evaluate collected implicit data with colour-driven analysis to better understand sales figures and geographical distribution


The validation method used is an approval team of 12 precisely chosen people who typically represent their own preference sub-groups.


Too much guesswork and too many options need guidance from experienced professionals and I proudly offer from-scratch or fine-tuning consultancy from a “unique perspective”.






I am a personal and architectural colour consultant based in Istanbul, Turkey. Merging both disciplines enables me to give targeted and functional colour prescriptions.


Combining my expertise with my on-going observations and researches,  I formulated “unconscious selection modelling” of consumers based on my own theories and existing theories which perfectly prove the facts in textile, furniture and wall paint industries.


I am also happy to reflect my colour experience upon colour-oriented artworks such as marbling on water and computerized textile surface pattern designs on Illustrator and CorelDraw


You can read more about me on Linkedin and on empowerwomen.org



Balmumcu, Beşiktaş, İstanbul, TR  |  +90 532 413 10 05  |  info@colourfit.com

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